Condemns Legislative Council Violence


The Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese Condemns Legislative Council Violence


In recent months, the Hong Kong government has been broadcasting promotional films calling on the public to stay away from violence, but yesterday, the violence took place blatantly in the Legislative Council (LegCo). The actions of pro-establishment LegCo members and the LegCo security staff, and even the Legislative Council Secretariat, ignored the civility of a legislature, shocked the international community, and brought shame to Hong Kong.


The Commission expresses great outrage and regret that Ms. Starry Lee, as a candidate for the chair of the House Committee, ignoring her conflict of interest, forcibly presided over the House Committee meeting. Her presiding over the meeting is a major conflict of interest, which ignores the rules of procedure. Other pro-establishment lawmakers used physical violence and hurt pan-democrat LegCo members. In the process, instead of stopping the above-mentioned acts, the LegCo security staff condoned the atrocities of pro-establishment members and prevented pan-democrats from entering the meeting room to perform their duties, in contravention to the rule of neutrality of the secretary. The Legal Advisor of the LegCo not only overturned her previous interpretation, but also allowed unilateral external legal advice, allowing pro-establishment members to create their violence. Such actions are truly regrettable.


In our opinion, pro-establishment members and security guards can act lawlessly and dominate in the legislature because they are encouraged and supported by the Chief Executive (of the Hong Kong SAR) and the Central Government of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). The executive authorities have not condemned these actions but instead placed the responsibility on pan-democratic lawmakers. Turning black to white is wrong, setting a very bad example for the people of Hong Kong. We also question whether Ms. Starry Lee has the power to move related bills and subsidiary legislation, including the establishment of the bills committee, without legal standing.


The Commission strongly urges Ms. Starry Lee to respect the statutes and dignity of members and stop taking over the position of the Chair of the House Committee. We agree that Mr. Dennis Kwok should continue to chair the meeting and elect the chairman and vice chairman of the committee legally.


We also encourage Hong Kong citizens and young people to vote in the Legislative Council elections in September. We can only change Hong Kong through the unity and strength of the people of Hong Kong.